Hello!! This is Mahmud from Dhaka.
I passed my early childhood in southern africa with my parents. I got back to Bangladesh when I was ten. Here I completed schooling, colleges, BBA and MBA and passing a diversified career (IT, Freelancing, faculty, MNC..). At present I am working with a first generation bank. Like my career a tempted eagerness for interest drives me to experience different subjects surrounding me and very few of them retained for long; other than disigning, cycling, gadgets and new subjects the passion for developing web is a long time interest retained since I started that 12 years back from now. That may answer that why i developed my personal webpage regardless i have very little to tell about me ;)
Nothing to tell anything more for now and if you are interested to know something then there is ask.fm .. Feel free to shoot a question there :)
[May, 2014]

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